Paycheck Protection

Insurance That Works For You When You Can't

You probably have health insurance that  covers medical expenses, and life insurance that protects your family. Shouldn't you also have disability insurance to replace income lost if you cannot work because of an injury or illness?

It's not uncommon. In fact, one-quarter of all employees age 35 will suffer a disability before they reach 65. that disability will last 90 days or longer.

Consider your personal situation. Without your income, would you and your family have enough money to maintain your current lifestyle? Would you be able to pay your mortgage? Send kids to college? Pay your electric bill?

You may think that Social Security will help. But even if you are successful in obtaining those hart-to-get benefits, the award may not be enough to meet your financial needs.

Paycheck Protection

Your employer and Benefits Dynamics now offer you Optional Disability Insurance which guards you an your family against the financial hardships brought on by a disability. And it's available at affordable group rates. For your convenience, premiums automatically will be deducted from your paycheck.

The Benefits

Optional Disability Insurance replaces a portion of earnings lost when you are disabled for an extended period of time due to an accident, illness, or pregnancy. this income will help you pay expenses like rent, mortgage, utilities, and credit card bills so you can concentrate on getting back on your feet. We have a variety of programs - from rehabilitation and retraining services to Social Security assistance - that go beyond distributing a benefit check. Our specialists are always on call to provide personal claim management and assistance.

Paycheck protection. It's a simple solution. 

you can design your custom plan by selection from among the following options:

  • the percentage of basic monthly earnings: 50 percent or 60 percent;

  • eligible employee classes: management only or all employees;

  • elimination period: 30*, 60*, 90 or 180 days;

  • benefit duration: five years or to age 65

  • two-year benefit duration; contact your group representative

* 30- and 60-day elimination periods are only available for the five-year benefit duration.

  • $6,000 maximum monthly benefit;

  • $50 minimum monthly benefit;

  • maternity covered as any other sickness;

  • two-year rate guarantee;

  • three-month survivor benefit;

  • waiver of premium for disabled employees;

  • primary and family Social Security offset;

  • coverage for partial disabilities;

  • $500 minimum monthly benefit for qualified employees.


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