RE:  Supplemental Employee Benefits (Group Life & Disability Insurance)

Thank you for your interest in these additional employee benefits programs that are available for your business, specifically the Life insurance and Disability Income insurance. When combined with your current health and dental insurance, you will now have a complete benefits package.

These plans will provide your employees with valuable insurance protection both for themselves and for their families that depend on them for financial support. These plans have simplified underwriting for easier approval and lower cost than could be obtained on an individual basis.

In order to obtain these valuable benefits we will need an updated copy of your employee census. Please kindly click below to obtain a blank form for your convenience. Please make sure the following items are shown:

1. Employee Name
2. Birthdate or Age
3. Annual Income (Required for disability income coverage, and also for life insurance if the benefit is for one, two or three times earnings, otherwise we will show a flat $20,000)

You can be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential. If you have any questions concerning these valuable benefits plans please contact our office at (212) 752-0999. Thank you.

Benefits Dynamics

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